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I recently received word that “February (Mid-Winter’s Night Mix)” will be playing on The Weather Channel – Local on the 8’s very soon! Perfect time to play a winter song in the dog days of summer! The track will also be available for listening and purchase on my ReverbNation page.

ReverbNation Store

If you haven’t checked out the new Demos and Works in Progress on SoundCloud you’re missing out! I’m using SoundCloud now to regularly share my track updates, advancements, and ideas. The is the most progress and motivation I’ve had in awhile and I love it! Keep your eye out for your chance to help fund the new album with special rewards on

Meanwhile… Enjoy!

Yes, it’s a New Year. Happy? So far! I’m tidying up the studio and continue with what sparse work I have done. I will be continuing to post sound clips on SoundCloud. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and of course here for all the latest. |/_ Peace my fellow chillers!

Yes, I cracked open my Cubase last night on the MacBook Pro and started messing around! It’s a miracle… I’m hoping I can build on my momentum here and start getting some ideas out to y’all soon. |/_

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My interview with The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, CA is now posted! Visit for the full interview!

This podcast includes information about the progress of “The Other Sides of Trance – Volume 2 EP” as well as the announcement of the release of “Take the Back Road” remix pack from Mother Earth and Father Time. There is also a special treat coming up from Trance Fury.

Visit for remix pack downloads!

Background music includes “Illusion Horizon (Chill Mix)” from Dance, Chill, Bugout.

I’ve just finished making the FREE Remix Pack for “Take the Back Road (Route 7)” for everyone! Download, remix, share, enjoy! Visit for details and downloads. |/_

SSL Certificate is now active and secure. Now you can download the pack with a safe, secure account from This will switch you over to SSL.

Trance Fury & TFR Records is proud to announce the release of “The Other Sides of Trance – Volume 1”. Volume 1 includes 4 tracks which are/were featured on The Weather Channel – Local on the 8’s music. Visit for purchase information on the new release and other great Trance Fury products.

Guilt (Sieve Ochre Mix) now on The Weather Channel – Local on the 8’s morning playlist! Catch it all May and June from 6am to 1pm EDT and find it available for order on the new remix EP due within the next 2 weeks. Visit for pre-order information soon!

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