Matthew Fury (born December 27, 1972) better known as Trance Fury is an American music producer, and songwriter most recognized for his work and music on The Weather Channel – Local on the 8’s.

Born in NY, but currently residing in North Carolina, Trance Fury’s keyboard talent has been around for a long time. He’s a big fan of all types of electronic music and views all types as an art. Trance Fury tries to put his best emotions into a CD and loves to draw up conceptual music. With over ten years of writing and a background in Computer Science and Meteorology, he uses these skills and passions to focus on topics for his music.

Back in 1994, Trance Fury had come across the Trance Europe Express compilations and was hooked. Featuring a wide variety of electronica, these compilations piqued his interest. Trance Fury is no stranger to music and his talent and skill for the piano and keyboard got the creative juices flowing. His interest in complex, progressive rock in addition to all types of music, and his knowledge of computers put him into a new creative realm.

His first CD, Around the World and Back showed only a glimpse of what he can do as he quickly became a star on His CD featured three top 10 songs on the charts including “Armageddon” which reached #1 on the Electronic/Techno charts. Quickly he began writing even more music and his sophomore release “Whatever Worx!” saw him delve into more experimental works, patterns and sounds.
Once the new millennium rolled in, Trance Fury wrote and released Another 1000 Years which features songs for every month of the year in honor of the new century. As of 2008, this CD is selling worldwide and was recently remastered.

2006 brought great things including his first full CD in five years with another brand new concept idea “7 Steps to Resolution”. This CD draws on the emotional steps it takes to resolve a problem or crisis and is rapidly becoming an underground favorite.

In 2008, Trance Fury and his “7 Steps to Resolution” release were still going strong. With the release of his CD “Mother Earth and Father Time” on March 3, 2009 and “The Other Sides of Trance” Volumes 1 and 2 now available he continues to gain fans daily.

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