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Anyone that follows me on twitter or facebook knows that I like to enjoy my micro-brew beer or glass of whiskey regularly. One of my favorite whiskey distillers is Jim Beam. Now, Jim Beam is a true bourbon that remains distilled in Kentucky since the 1800’s despite the fact that Japanese company Suntory had purchased it. It does remain true to it’s original still.

A few years ago Jim Beam released a white whiskey called “Jacob’s Ghost”. No, it’s NOT named after Jacob Marley rather Jacob Beam the original founder. I decided to try it even though it’s a white whiskey and I must say it’s a nice smooth taste. If you want something that is a little sweeter and goes down smooth then this is it!

One day after having an extra glass of Jacob’s Ghost I was greatly inspired by the process and history of bourbon making in Kentucky. The song came to me as an erie yet bass in your face track that I feel is one of my better tracks in awhile! If you haven’t checked it out yet then you need to grab a bottle of Jacob’s Ghost and listen to this track with the lights off and the bass up!

For more history on Jim Beach and Jacob’s Ghost visit the link below. Must be of legal age to view it! 😉

UPDATE: The NON-blank podcast is now up. Get the good one if you haven’t already.  😉

Some more great news in this podcast as well as an update on the new single! Also, as I was JUST finishing up the podcast the email came in that says I’m verified for Apple Connect! Follow me now on iTunes. I’ll do a short podcast this week to update you on that.

Music in this podcast is Guilt (Sieve Ochre Mix) and September (Sieve Ochre Mix).


A couple of weeks late, here is episode two with updates on Crowd Funding, latest track I’m working on and a BIG THANK YOU to everyone! Plus a public service announcement for any unsigned artists!


Today’s background music is “Neptune Moon (Gravitational Pull Mix)” from The Other Sides of Travel – Volume #2.

Welcome back fans, welcome newcomers!

As promised here is my kickoff podcast for the upcoming album “North American Oscillation”. Here you will find all the latest public updates on the writing and recording of the upcoming album plus a few surprises here and there. Enjoy!




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