I wanted to personally wish you a Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday.
Since I don’t use the mailing list often I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to give you a review of all the great happenings in 2013 and a glimpse of what’s to come in the new year!  
Early 2013 saw me working on the second of my 2 remix EP’s entitled The Other Sides of Trance. Volume 1 proved extremely successful with 5 out of the 6 tracks appearing on The Weather Channel – Local on the 8’s! 
For Volume 2, I took time to select the best tracks and worked closely with Nick Kisler and Eddie Easterly on guitar, mixing, and mastering for what I think is the finest recorded album yet. It was a hard first quarter of the year but it paid off later.
Once April rolled around I took a break to digest a lot of the hard work I put into the remixes and decided to shift gears to work on some new material with some fresh ideas I’ve had for several months. I was able to put out some great works in progress and even some solid demos. You can find these demos on my Official Soundcloud page. 
Things ramped up again at the end of the summer and early autumn as I finally got to see everything come to life with the release of Volume 2 on August 29th! Track #2 on the album saw more airplay on The Weather Channel and had a nice 3 month run from September to early November!
If you missed any of these live on-air you can find dozens of the recordings from The Weather Channel and music fans on Youtube
Unfortunately with the end of my track in November also saw big changes on The Weather Channel local forecast broadcasts so it remains to be seen whether or not they will continue with Independent music.
The last 3 months of 2013 saw some exciting things and awesome momentum going into 2014! Pandora said YES to my submission of Volume 2 and we should see it go live on Pandora Radio joining 7 Steps to Resolution some time in January 2014. October/November also saw my highest position on the ReverbNation local, national, and global charts with me hitting #1 locally and breaking 100 for the National ranks. I once again find myself on the top charts heading into the new year and hope to capitalize on the Pandora and chart ranking exposure.


This brings us up to 2014 with much to look forward to. Some of the great things on tap for the coming year are:

  • Plans for a new release mid-year with all new material.
  • More work with Eddie on a Guitar Remixes album of some sort with all your favorite guitar tracks re-recorded and remixed onto one album!
  • I’ve been seriously considering doing my first live shows since college with all new equipment! I bought the new Traktor system earlier in 2013 and I’m putting together ideas for a live mix of music featuring live guitar! Possible show locations are here inRaleigh, NC and Atlanta, GA, home of Eddie Easterly.
  • I’ve also been approached about a possible side project and I’ve been looking into this more as it’s an interesting opportunity.


Well that’s all in a nutshell. I want to thank all the fans for reading and am really looking forward to sharing more great things with you in 2014!

-|/_ Peace – Trance Fury


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