Many of you may have heard that we had a tornado outbreak here in the Raleigh area yesterday. We were fortunate at TFR Records studios but others in the Triangle area were not. Please considering donating money to our local Red Cross Chapter. I am sure any amount would greatly help to the cleanup and recovery to those who are affected here. Click on the “American Red Cross Triangle” option to direct money there.

Trance Fury For all donations of $25 or more to the Red Cross Triangle location I will mail an autographed postcard. Just email me a copy of your donation receipt.
Trance Fury For all donations of $50 or more to the Red Cross Triangle location I will mail an autographed cd. Just email me a copy of your donation receipt.

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My first podcast in 9 months and it’s a video one! Check it out for my announcement on the new remix album. Hit me back with questions and/or comments! “The Other Sides of Trance” – Announcement 4/4/2011

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First podcast in 3 months! Updates on the new single, additional remixes for the album, a renaming of the new album, and more! Background music includes “Fly Away (Birds Eye View) demo” and clip from the new single “Yet Unknown (Weeping Guitar Mix)

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This podcast features updates on the iPhone app, New York City Winter on The Weather Channel, Indie Film opportunity, Windows 7 and more!

Features music from “Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Void” and “Painted Desert” both from “Mother Earth and Father Time”

|/_ – Peace

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A Special Thank You for all the loyal listeners and fans of The Chill Side of Trance! Features “Painted Desert” from “Mother Earth and Father Time”.

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First podcast of 2010!

Trance Fury talks about resolutions (Not 7 Steps! :-)), CD release date, fan feedback, and more! The background music features “October” from “Another 1000 Years”.

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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!

Just a quick podcast to say thanks for a great year and looking forward to 2010!

This podcast features the bonus track from December on “Another 1000 Years”. Enjoy!

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Hey all, as promised in my podcasts I am listing out the tentative track list for “The Chill Side of Trance”. Remember, this could change if we decide other tracks will fit. 😉

These are in no particular order.

Yet Unknown
Dream Catcher
Neptune Moon
Fly Away
Meteor Shower
Muses of the Sea
High Noon
Angle of Love

There might be some added if we get a lot done but for now this is what we have. Stay tuned!

|/_ peace – TF

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This podcast features Trance Fury giving Thanks! 🙂

It also features more updates on The Chill Side of Trance and word on guest mixes and project sharing. Trance Fury also addresses his issues with the iPhone app’s “Explicit Material” label and some thoughts on Hockey. You get it all in this podcast!

Also features music from “7 Steps to Resolution”. Depression and Acceptance/Resolution respectively.

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This episode features updates on The Chill Side of Trance, a mishap with Eddie, request for comments and questions, and thoughts on the Cubase upgrade. Also includes sound clip from “Take the Back Road (Route 7)” off of “Mother Earth and Father Time”.

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